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Cookies Kush, also known as , “Cookies Strain” “Cookie Kush,” “Girl Scout Cookies Kush,” and “GSC Kush,” is an indica marijuana strain from Barney’s Coffeeshop that combines the cookie effects of GSC with the Rolex phenotype of OG Kush. The result is a potent indica worthy of 1st place in High Times‘ 2014 Amsterdam Cannabis Cup in the “Best Coffeeshop Strain” category.

This magical recipe straight from the kitchen of Amsterdam Genetics is one of the easiest photoperiodic strains on the market today. Even beginners can be showstoppers with these gorgeously chunky buds and their healthy covering of orange curls. Chunky Cookies strain brings you tropical citrus scents and that sticky finger sensation you get down on the bottom of that cookie dough bowl. You can bet that this one gets finger-licking good: these cookies will keep you coming back for more. Luckily, the yield of your Chunky Cookies seeds is well-adjusted to that urge for more…

Chunky Cookies Feminized cannabis seeds grow into compact (chunky) plants with average heights of 100 to 110 cm, flowering in 9 to 10 weeks. The rich yields are nothing to sneeze at: about 700g per m² for indoor growers. Outdoor harvests are even dreamier, with harvests of up to 2 kilos per square meter feasible in October. To top it all off, Chunky Cookies strain genetics have a robust side to them, too: this tough cookie can withstand pests and diseases that you don’t want to find when you open up that cookie jar.

Cookies Strain effects

80% of people report feeling relaxed
59% of people report feeling happy
52% of people report feeling sleepy
Dry mouth
33% of people report feeling dry mouth
Dry eyes
22% of people report feeling dry eyes
10% of people report feeling dizzy
38% of people say it helps with stress
28% of people say it helps with anxiety
25% of people say it helps with pain


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