Sour Kush


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These flowers have physical traits from both Indica and Sativa. The buds are pointy and slim, but still fairly dense, with a light green colouring and some orange hairs. They are also generously covered in resinous trichomes making them very sticky to the touch.

The three most dominant terpenes in Sour Kush by Gtec are Pinene, Caryophyllene, and Limonene which enrich these flowers with a citrusy-yet-earthy kush aroma and taste. In aromatherapy Pinene can have amazing energizing effects, similar to the feeling you get when you take a walk in a pine forest. Caryophyllene is a very special terpene in aromatherapy because it interacts with other terpenes to bolster its benefits. It can offer a relaxing and balanced feeling and has been known to illicit slightly sedative effects. Like Pinene, Limonene can offer energizing effects it has also be known for its antianxiety properties.

Remember terpenes are solvents and can be evaporated with exposer to air and heat. Be sure to store your Cannabis in an airtight jar or bag with Bovida humidifying packs to ensure the highest quality Cannabis


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